7/28/2017 – The Haunted Room



I remember I was sitting in a room. Couch on the left wall facing a large piece of furniture across the room that was filled with papers other things.  I was alone. I saw myself sitting there on the couch. I knew in this dream there were other people somewhere else. I was wearing a really big warm jacket. I was watching myself outside of my own body. Then all of a sudden I was in my body. I knew this room was haunted. I could not resist. I I got up from the couch and I went to search the desk. I wanted to know more about this place. I wanted to know more about the person haunting this  room. I was opening the desk and it was a very old desk that took up the whole other side of the room. I remember seeing toy fighter jets. I wondered who this person was when they were alive. I was not afraid..just filled with curiosity.  This was a very old desk and I remember looking through the draws. Later in this dream i remember sitting in this same room with 2-3 guys. they told me that a girl was looking for me. When they said who was looking for me I had an image of this girl in my mind I saw. I think they said they were afraid of me. We were discussing the room among other thing. I remember looking in my phone in my dream but it was not my phone. I saw the name in my phone it said either “Nayaher” or “Nakeher”. I remember one of the guys on the couch had told me this “give  a kid a bent fork..you are still responsible if they hurt themselves”

I remember in this dream me and my ex were still talking.


Dream 2

In this dream I was playing soccer with many people. I was playing goalie and blocking a lot of shots on goalie. I still worked in a call center like i do now. But i was not at work today..



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